Every family has a story…….welcome to ours








Over the last 6 months or so, Paradigm has had many new additions welcomed into the world by our clients. Congratulations to the Richardson’s, Verheyen and Auletta, Exeter’s, Willett’s and the many new grand children of clients.

What changes when a family has started or been extended?

  •  Incomes
    • Parental, Maternity, Paternity and unpaid leave, baby bonus, single income
  • Budgeting
    • Day care, family care, increased living costs, family car, child education
  • Insurance
    • Family health insurance, life insurance
  • Mortgage
    • Restructure, temporarily reduce payments, fix loans
  • Estate
    • Changes to your will or testamentary trust
  • Goals
    • holidays, relocation or renovations,
  • Tax
    • Family rebates, day care rebates, education rebates
  • Investments
    • Provision for education, or car or house

There is a lot to think about, prepare for and plan for when starting a family. We enjoy the challenge of how to integrate the above factors and how they effect family planning.


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