The experience of trauma

By admin • March 11th, 2019
A traumatic event is one that threatens your life or safety, or the lives of people around you. They are extremely common and may lead to posttraumatic stress disorder. This article explores the impact of trauma and why early intervention is important. Most Australians will experience, or be exposed to, a potentially traumatic event(PTE) at least […]

Building your ‘Family Future Fund’

By admin • March 11th, 2019
How much does it cost to raise a child? Obviously, the answer is highly dependent on individual circumstances. However, as a guide, a 2013 national study* found that a typical middleincome family would spend about $812,000 on raising two children from birth to age 24. At that time childraising costs were increasing at around 9% […]

How much super should I have?

By admin • March 11th, 2019
How much super should I have? It’s all very well having retirement savings as a financial goal, but just how much should you plan to have in your super balance now, and when you retire? Above or below average? Assuming you’ve been in the workforce for a few months, years or even decades, your retirement […]

Claiming deductions for vacant land

By admin • March 11th, 2019
If you’ve bought a block of land to build a rental property on, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction. If you’re able to show that you’ve taken active and genuine steps to build a rental property and make it available for rent as soon as it’s completed, then you can claim a […]

Responsibilities of an executor

By admin • March 11th, 2019
If you’re the eldest sibling in the family, or deemed to be the “most responsible”; if you’re seen to be a good friend by someone; or a fine upstanding citizen by others, chances are you will be asked to be an executor of someone’s Will. After you’ve enjoyed the warm feeling of being wanted, just […]

Protect your income!

By admin • March 11th, 2019
Your income is the foundation upon which your family’s financial plans are built and in most people’s lives there won’t be a larger asset to protect than their cumulative income. Consider this – a 40-year-old man currently earning $75,000 per annum with salary increases of 5% each consecutive year will earn over three and a […]

What’s your magic number?

By admin • March 11th, 2019
According to a recent survey *, Australians tend to underestimate the amount of money needed in our retirement years by as much as 20%. Survey respondents, including active Australian investors, revealed a disconnect between income amounts believed to be needed in retirement, versus their real cost of living. Pre-retiree Australians foresee their base line living expenses […]

When is a good time to retire?

By admin • February 25th, 2019
There has been much social and political debate since the federal government proposed pushing out the age at which Australians can access the age pension. Although most occupations don’t have a legislated retirement date, there is little doubt that our tax and social security systems do have a significant impact on when many of us […]