What are the different types of investment styles?

By admin • July 2nd, 2019
Share fund managers generally adopt a particular investment style and different investment styles can perform well in different market environments. So, what is the best investment style for the current environment? This isn’t an easy question to answer and the process is complicated by the ever-expanding range of investment styles. Some of the key investment […]

How much Income do you need in Retirement?

By admin • July 2nd, 2019
Many people will say that they are dreaming of retirement, but some are not taking the necessary action to make it a reality. In fact, there are not too many people who know the answer to a straightforward question: How much income do you need in retirement? Let’s take a look at what the Association […]

An illustration of the need to diversify

By admin • July 2nd, 2019
Schroders produces a wall poster each year that shows the relative performance of all asset classes from the past 20 years. It’s one of the most popular items we provide to clients because it serves as a stark reminder of the role diversification plays in portfolio construction. This year’s table is ever more striking, given […]

Lessons from the GFC – 10+years on

By admin • July 2nd, 2019
It’s been more than a decade since the market crash known as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) rocked the investment world. At the time investors could only watch in disbelief as 50 per cent was wiped off the value of their shares. Arguably, the actions those investors took are still reverberating today. Which begs the […]

Income protection

By admin • June 28th, 2019
An income safety net Income protection insurance, also known as salary continuance, can help you manage your expenses if you are unable to work for a certain amount of time if you are sick or injured. When purchasing income protection, consider what other types of life insurance you need as well, such as life cover […]

Navigating love & money

By admin • June 28th, 2019
Money makes the world go around. But when it comes to relationships, it can sometimes stop them in their tracks. Navigating love and money can be tricky, but it’s simpler when you learn to communicate about finances in an open and transparent manner. Sometimes easier said than done, we know, but with a few simple […]

How the yield curve can affect you

By admin • June 28th, 2019
US Interest rates have been making headlines in recent months, but do they really matter to Australian investors? The short answer is they do, a lot. Changes in US interest rate settings have made a big impact on investment returns from bonds and shares over the past year, while uncertainty about the future direction of […]

The experience of trauma

By admin • March 11th, 2019
A traumatic event is one that threatens your life or safety, or the lives of people around you. They are extremely common and may lead to posttraumatic stress disorder. This article explores the impact of trauma and why early intervention is important. Most Australians will experience, or be exposed to, a potentially traumatic event(PTE) at least […]