DIY Insurance – will it work for you?

By admin • May 30th, 2017
DIY Insurance – will it work for you? Research showing that Australians are underinsured, has prompted insurance companies to advertise simple insurance solutions on television. But are these quick and easy plans suitable for your family? A study commissioned by the Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) found that only 4% of the population with dependent children was adequately insured. Another survey undertaken […]

Aged care – how will it affect your family?

By admin • May 30th, 2017
As older Australians make up a larger portion of our population, affordable and reliable care options for our seniors become paramount to more families. Naturally, when investigating options for an elderly person, finding the right level of care is crucial, as is anticipating future care requirements and planning ahead. Given a choice, most people would […]

Are falls in interest rates good or bad for homebuyers?

By admin • May 30th, 2017
Are falls in interest rates good or bad for homebuyers? A fall in interest rates is usually greeted with delight by homebuyers. The lower the interest rate the less the mortgage repayments on a particular house, right? Well, maybe. However, lower interest rates also mean borrowers can service a bigger loan. In a competitive housing market that can push up prices. So, what’s really going […]

Millennials and finance – your unique needs

By admin • May 30th, 2017
If you entered the world between 1980 and 1996, you’re part of the “millennial generation”. You’ve grown up in an age of unprecedented abundance and incredible technical innovation, and as a group, enjoy a greater wealth of opportunity – professionally, socially and recreationally – than any previous generation. Many goods and services have never been […]

Tap and go – is it too easy to use our credit cards?

By admin • May 30th, 2017
Tap and go – is it too easy to use our credit cards? Talk about hammering the plastic. In November 2016 Australia’s 16.7 million credit card accounts were used to make 226 million transactions with a total value of $27.8 billion. We are currently paying interest on $32.2 billion worth of credit card debt, running up an annual interest bill of over $5.6 billion (that’s $5,600,000,000!). It’s not […]

What would happen if you couldn’t work?

By admin • May 26th, 2017
If you were paid the average annual wage of $82,804 (1), you could potentially earn $10,000,000 over a 40-year working life (2). You would use this money for daily living, for holidays, to accumulate assets like a house and car and to save for your retirement. Being injured or taken ill, for only a short […]

The future for retirement

By admin • February 23rd, 2017
Research over recent years suggests that the secret to a long and healthy life is to continue working and to stay in control of your finances and life. The nature of work may change – fewer hours, less stress, new career – and with good planning it is possible to have all the good things […]

You CAN save one million dollars!

By admin • February 23rd, 2017
One of the most common questions I’m asked as a financial adviser is “will I have enough to retire?” It truly is the sixty-four thousand dollar question and if $64,000 was the answer, we’d all be on easy street! With so many variables involved, there is no set answer, but these days with many of […]