Storm, flood and fire insurance

By admin • January 24th, 2020
Natural disasters and your home insurance It’s devastating when a natural disaster destroys or damages your home. Finding out you don’t have enough insurance can add to your distress. Understanding what events and damage are covered by insurance can help you get the right cover for your home. Knowing if you live in a disaster-prone […]

5 ways to benefit from record low interest rates

By admin • January 24th, 2020
Interest rates have never been lower, and it’s possible they might fall even further. This creates opportunities for householders and businesses, so how can you best take advantage of low interest rates? 1. Pay off your debt more quickly By maintaining constant repayments as interest rates fall, you’ll reduce the time it takes to pay […]

Four financial resolutions to kick start the new year

By admin • January 24th, 2020
The dawn of a new year sees many people setting new year’s resolutions such as losing some weight or giving up smoking. Similarly, the beginning of a new year is the ideal time for setting financial goals, and here are four practical ways you can kick your year off to a great start. 1. Decide […]

Is paying your mortgage off quicker really the best option?

By admin • January 8th, 2020
Not so long ago one of the most effective, low risk wealth creation strategies was to use spare savings to pay down a mortgage, either directly or via the well disciplined use of an offset account. If your mortgage interest rate was 8% per annum, that’s the effective, after tax investment return this strategy delivered, […]

Work, life, travel – you can do it all!

By admin • January 6th, 2020
Travelling the world and seeing the sites is an expensive endeavour, particularly when young. This article explains how working abroad can help you live the work-life-travel dream. Michael was twenty-something and eager for adventure when he spotted the advertisement. It read, “Japanese schools seeking English teachers. No experience necessary – we train you.” What followed […]

New Year resolutions for small businesses

By admin • January 6th, 2020
As New Year resolution time rolls around spare a thought for your business, because every business can benefit from a few resolutions of its own. Here are a few ideas that any business can build some New Year resolutions around. Make sure you have an up to date business plan. Many business plans sit gathering […]

Protection during parenthood

By admin • October 28th, 2019
For many people, one of the most important roles in life is parenthood, but as an “unpaid” occupation, can a full-time Mum or Dad insure against the costs of not being able to fulfil their role if they become sick or injured? The short answer is yes; but another more difficult question to answer is, […]

Joined up finances

By admin • October 28th, 2019
If things are getting serious with your partner, is merging your finances a natural next step? Learn about different ways to manage money as a couple so you can decide on the right approach for your relationship. Being open about money is pretty important in a successful relationship. Secret spending and other  forms of financial […]