Paradigm Strategic Planning is a boutique financial planning practice based in Perth. We deliberately maintain a small client base to ensure all clients receive the full benefit of our combined 50+ years of experience.

We provide a truly holistic service that ensures the financial planning decisions our clients make are well-informed and always take into account their current and future lifestyle goals. Nothing illustrates the depth of financial advice we provide better than the thousands of words we've written over the years on various financial topics. You can browse those articles by clicking on the category links below.

Life is for living now. Not just when you're on your yearly holiday. Not when the kids finally leave home. Not when you retire. NowHere's how we help our clients create a secure future while living firmly in the now.

The Five Key Components of Financial Independence

"We have been clients of Mark’s for many years. During that time we have seen our wealth grow from basically nothing to the point where we confidently navigated through the COVID19 issues without losing any sleep. He has clearly explained all our options throughout our financial relationship including investments we would not have had the ability to pursue without his help. We have a clear path to where we want to be in the future and know that, without his help and guidance, we would be in a completely different position. The additional assistance with wills, super, insurances etc. has also meant we no longer need to worry about our financial futures."

~ Danielle, High Wycombe

"Mark has taken the time to understand our financial needs and appetite for risk as well as our lifestyle and values. He has advised us and helped us with all our major financial decisions over the past 10 years or so and has provided informed, objective analysis of any ideas we have brought to him. He keeps his client numbers to a manageable level to ensure he has sufficient time to provide personalised service and is always available to take calls and respond to emails."

~ Rob, City Beach

"My husband and I were recommended to the Marks at Paradigm Strategic Planning after inheriting some shares. We approached them for assistance in refinancing our debt, consolidating our share portfolio and advice on our investment properties. They have restructured our finances to improve our cash flow and went above and beyond in assisting us with gathering information regarding investments inherited from family. We are very happy with the guidance that the Marks and Paradigm have given us and would not hesitate to recommend them."

~ Terri, Willetton

"As a long time client of Mark, I can say without question that he is an extremely knowledgeable advisor, able to convey information in an easily understandable and very friendly, informative and instructional manner that gives my wife Barbara and I a confidence in his understanding of our needs and desires for our future. I could not recommend a better advisor than Mark and have had the pleasure of recommending a number of friends and acquaintances to him for advice, counsel and guidance in his field of expertise."

~ James, Applecross

"Mark has provided me on-going support in all areas in relating to financial planning and assistance. He has assisted me through both business and personal finances and always provides sufficient and expert advice. Mark always takes time to understand my individual circumstances and I feel that he always has my personnel interest at the forefront of all advise provided."

~ Gareth, Subiaco

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