Do you have the right insurance for your home loan?

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments many people will make in their lives. When it comes to securing a mortgage, many buyers may be so focused on […]

The implications of renting a home when you’re retired

As record numbers of Australians transition into retirement, considering your cost of living and comparing it to your expected average annual retirement income is a crucial step in retirement planning. […]

Don’t get caught out: The hidden costs of selling a property

The property market in Perth right now is red hot. What’s driving the heat? Lots of factors: There are fewer properties on the market listed for sale (8,680 compared to […]

Why ‘low-interest’ is causing high interest in property

Buying an investment property is a well-worn road to riches for many Australians. Despite a few ups and downs residential housing has delivered strong returns over many years, and experts […]

The value of financial advice when tragedy strikes – a personal story

The story below was written by one of our long-time clients Kelly Exeter who lost her husband Anthony (Ant) in a freak accident two years ago. It is rare but […]

Buying a home in 2021? Read this first

Thinking about making a sea-change or tree-change? Wondering if it’s a good time to buy in the city? With house prices rising fast across most of the country, here’s what […]

Are low interest rates good for home buyers?

It goes without saying that homebuyers love low-interest rates. The lower the interest rate the less the mortgage repayments on a particular house, right? Well … maybe. Lower interest rates […]

Lessons from the GFC – 10+years on

It’s been more than a decade since the market crash known as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) rocked the investment world. At the time investors could only watch in disbelief […]

How the yield curve can affect you

US Interest rates have been making headlines in recent months, but do they really matter to Australian investors? The short answer is they do, a lot. Changes in US interest […]

Claiming deductions for vacant land

If you’ve bought a block of land to build a rental property on, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction. If you’re able to show that you’ve taken […]

4 tips before entering the investment property market

Purchasing a property for investment purposes can involve a different set of considerations compared to purchasing a home to live in. Here are some tips to get you started. 1. […]

Downsize your home, upsize your super

Over 65? Thinking of selling your home? From 1 July 2018 you may be able to contribute up to $300,000 ($600,000 for a couple) from the proceeds of the sale […]

Rentvesting: the not-so-new phenomenon

At first glance it seems like a strange thing to do: rent out a property that you own while paying rent to live in somebody else’s place. Yet this phenomenon […]

Are falls in interest rates good or bad for homebuyers?

A fall in interest rates is usually greeted with delight by homebuyers. The lower the interest rate the less the mortgage repayments on a particular house, right? Well … maybe. […]

Millennials and finance – your unique needs

If you entered the world between 1980 and 1996, you’re part of the “millennial generation”. You’ve grown up in an age of unprecedented abundance and incredible technical innovation, and as […]

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