The best ways to maximise your rewards points

Credit card reward points, most of us have access to them but how do we get the best use out of them…..the answer is NOT to spend more on your credit card to earn more points!

  1. choose a card that has a low annual fee
  2. cards that provide at least 1 point for $1 spent give you the most value
  3. ensure that points are used before they lapse
  4. ensure the interest is repaid on time every time!
  5. make use of double reward points where appropriate. Some cards and rewards systems offer a point for each $ you spend plus an extra point for shopping at a particular store
  6. Use your reward credit card to pay for flights with the reward partner
  7. use frequent flyer points firstly for

i.      flight upgrades, to maximise the use of points

ii.      then for flights

iii.      then for taxes on flights

iv.      lastly for store vouchers or reward items, these generally offer the least value for money


Continually review and compare your rewards scheme and credit card to ensure you have the best match.

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