How to usefully reflect on 2020

In uncertain times, it can be easy to get caught up in what ‘might’ happen and thus miss the chance to reflect on what ‘did’ happen and the lessons you can take forward into a new year.

That’s why, before you shut the door on 2020, we thought it might be useful to prompt you to do some reflections that will help you:

  • More accurately assess how 2020 panned out for you.
  • Navigate 2021 with clarity about what’s most important to you
  • Allocate appropriate resources (time, attention, money) to those things.

Here are the questions:

  • What do I wish I’d said ‘no’ to in 2020?
  • What do I wish I’d said ‘yes’ to?
  • What drained my energy in 2020?
  • What boosted my energy?
  • What’s something I allocated resources (time, attention, money) to in 2020 that I wish I hadn’t?
  • What’s something I wish I allocated those resources to instead?
  • What’s something I finished in 2020 that I’m really proud of?
  • What’s something I didn’t finish but wish I did?
  • What did 2020 teach me about what matters most to me in life?
  • How can I better allocate resources (time, attention, money) to those things in 2021?

Feel free to bring your reflections on the above to your next scheduled financial planning meeting with us. We look forward to continuing to play a part in your family’s life in 2021 and helping you ensure you are allocating your resources to the things that are most important to you.

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