Rentvesting: the not-so-new phenomenon

At first glance it seems like a strange thing to do: rent out a property that you own while paying rent to live in somebody else’s place. Yet this phenomenon […]

Millennials and finance – your unique needs

If you entered the world between 1980 and 1996, you’re part of the “millennial generation”. You’ve grown up in an age of unprecedented abundance and incredible technical innovation, and as […]

Tap and go – is it too easy to use our credit cards?

Talk about hammering the plastic. In November 2016 Australia’s 16.7 million credit card accounts were used to make 226 million transactions with a total value of $27.8 billion. We are […]

To stay on track, it pays to look back

Financial planning is, by its nature, forward-looking. What counts is where you are now and what you do in the coming months and years. That said; there’s good reason to […]

Super or the mortgage – a case study

Many people wait until their home loan is paid off before investing more in super. However, if you are currently making more than the minimum home loan repayments, you may […]

Insurance in super – is your cover adequate?

You have insurance cover in your superannuation right? You probably think you’re adequately covered, yet if something were to happen to you, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise […]

Important changes to the age pension in 2017

From 1 January 2017, there are some important age pension changes that could impact your benefits and warrant some pre-emptive action. What’s changing? The lower asset threshold that determines your […]

Offset accounts: A better way to manage your mortgage

If you want to repay your mortgage quickly and still have easy access to your additional repayments, an offset account may be worth using. What is an offset account? An […]

Do you have a “modest” or “comfortable” lifestyle?

Modesty and comfort are both in the eye of the beholder to a certain extent. But have you ever wondered how your retirement plans (or retirement reality) stack up against […]

A few interesting facts about retirement

Given the financial demands of everyday life, planning your retirement may be a relatively low priority. You may also think that you have plenty of time to plan. But before […]

Tried and true money tips

Life gets so busy and the months soon roll into years when suddenly you find that your finances are off track and you’re nowhere near achieving your goals. Instead of […]

Back to School: Teaching Gen Y About Money

Do you have someone in your family that is part of Generation Y? Also known as Millennials, Generation Y refers to the generation currently in their mid-20’s to early-mid ’30s, […]

You CAN afford a holiday!

Do you love the idea of getting a few more stamps in your passport, but not sure if your budget can stretch that far? An overseas holiday doesn’t have to […]

What drives petrol prices?

Most of us have no idea what drives petrol prices or why petrol is more expensive on some days more often than others during the week. Lately there doesn’t seem […]

Public versus Private

There is a lot of discussion about whether public schooling or private schooling is better for your child. We are often asked the question from clients, is it worth it? […]

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