Received your power bill and surprised?

Most of us by now have received our first power bill after recent increases in power supply tariffs came into effect on the 1st July. Planning ahead and family budgeting […]

Are there any benefits to salary packaging a car?

Since the 2011 Federal Governments May Budget announcements, there are less tax incentives available to package a vehicle, but there might still be other benefits in salary sacrificing a vehicle […]

How much should it cost me to live?

We often get asked when preparing cash flow modelling scenarios for clients, “How much should it cost me to live”? The answer is simple, it costs what it costs. Generally the more […]

Many oil and gas workers still struggling despite the boom

The work life of an oil and gas worker isn’t for everyone: 12 hour days on a platform in the middle of an ocean with nights spent in confined, shared […]

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