Are we going to run out of money in retirement?

This article is a first-person account written by a very typical financial planning client with a very typical financial planning fear – “Will we run out of money in retirement?” […]

How to create savings while paying off debt

Over the past 30 years, Australians’ household debt has increased. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, our household debt-to-income ratio has risen from 70 per cent in the early […]

5 ways to avoid the perils of a cashless world

Prior to COVID, we were steadily moving towards a cashless world. Post-2020, even the most resistant of us has made the leap to tap-and-go payments sooner than we expected. From […]

Take the financial risk management test

Everyone faces some level of financial risk but most people hope that catastrophe will strike someone else. Sadly ‘someone else’ may be you. This is why it is critical to […]

Quiz – how much do you know about retirement planning?

For most Australians, the approach of retirement is something to look forward to. Yet it can also be a time that fills us with trepidation. After all, we’ve saved for […]

Are you a financially compatible couple?

When you first start seeing someone, it’s completely understandable that your focus is on whether you’re romantically compatible. But as the relationship becomes a long-term one and perhaps even a […]

The value of financial advice when tragedy strikes – a personal story

The story below was written by one of our long-time clients Kelly Exeter who lost her husband Anthony (Ant) in a freak accident two years ago. It is rare but […]

10 tips for managing debt better

Here are ten quick and easy financial planning tips to help you manage debt better: 1. Consolidate Pool all your debts into one. The benefit here is that you may […]

Do new rules for credit cards impact you?

In order to protect card users, credit card providers are subject to stringent rules. Here’s a round-up of the most recent ones that have been put in place: Credit card […]

Are low interest rates good for home buyers?

It goes without saying that homebuyers love low-interest rates. The lower the interest rate the less the mortgage repayments on a particular house, right? Well … maybe. Lower interest rates […]

Switching home loans

Refinancing your home loan to take advantage of a lower interest rate might save you money. Before you switch, make sure the benefits outweigh the costs. If you’re struggling with […]

5 ways to benefit from record low interest rates

Interest rates have never been lower, and it’s possible they might fall even further. This creates opportunities for householders and businesses, so how can you best take advantage of low […]

Is paying your mortgage off quicker really the best option?

Not so long ago one of the most effective, low-risk wealth creation strategies was to pay down a mortgage using spare savings, either directly or via the disciplined use of […]

Buy now, pay later – manage carefully

Before heading off on an overseas holiday, Sam decided to buy an expensive new camera to document his travels. The camera store offered a ‘buy now, pay later’ option and, […]

Are falls in interest rates good or bad for homebuyers?

A fall in interest rates is usually greeted with delight by homebuyers. The lower the interest rate the less the mortgage repayments on a particular house, right? Well … maybe. […]

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