Role-reversal: When parents are relying on you

As your parents get older, your whole family will be facing lots of changes. Supporting them during this time can be challenging, with lots of choices to be made. Get […]

Who gets your super?

Who decides what happens to your superannuation savings when you die? You may think that you do, but that isn’t always the case. The ultimate decision may be made by […]

Major life change? Don’t forget to update your Will

The busier we get the more we tend to put off the important things. Often the last subject we want to think about is our Will or other estate planning […]

The value of financial advice when tragedy strikes – a personal story

The story below was written by one of our long-time clients Kelly Exeter who lost her husband Anthony (Ant) in a freak accident two years ago. It is rare but […]

How might an inheritance affect your children?

Australia has emerged from a mix of wonderful cultures, many of which came to our country in search of a new life in a new country with great promise. The […]

Closing online accounts when you die

Occasionally we send an email to someone’s work only to find they are no longer employed there and a dutiful administrator has closed the account. Have you ever considered who’s […]

Is your Will up to date?

If you already have a Will then big tick for you! Effective estate planning ensures that should you die, your assets can be passed promptly and tax effectively to the […]

A different way to help your grandkids financially

Many grandparents want to give their grandchildren a head start in life, and a common way to do so is to help out financially by paying some (or all) of […]

Responsibilities of an executor

If you’re the eldest sibling in the family, or deemed to be the “most responsible”; if you’re seen to be a good friend by someone; or a fine upstanding citizen […]

Is a DIY Will kit enough?

More than 45% of Australians don’t have a valid Will. If you die without one, your hardearned wealth (your estate) will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy – […]

Aged care – how will it affect your family?

As older Australians make up a larger portion of our population, affordable and reliable care options for our seniors become paramount to more families. Naturally, when investigating options for an […]

An alternative way to pay

There are many alternatives to taking out a funeral insurance policy to pay for your last big expense in this world. One such alternative is a funeral bond. These bonds […]

Investment bonds – a low cost, flexible, estate planning solution

Since 2005, when the baby boomers started to age and retire en-masse, Australia has entered the beginning of a new era of intergenerational wealth transfer. It has been reported that […]

How to avoid big estate planning blunders

Here is a quick guide to avoiding five of the biggest estate planning potential blunders. 1. Where there’s a will (may not be enough) Using a do-it-yourself ‘will kit’ may […]

Living Wills and their role in Estate Planning

Living wills are an integral part of estate planning. There can be few situations as distressing as the need to make hard decisions about the end of life of a […]

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