Received your power bill and surprised?

Most of us by now have received our first power bill after recent increases in power supply tariffs came into effect on the 1st July. Planning ahead and family budgeting can be testing when we are constantly being hit with increases in costs.

Apart from turning power off at the wall or using candles for lighting, how can you save on power?

How to save on power


With SmartPower (from Synergy), there are four different periods of time when electricity costs vary; peak, off-peak, weekday shoulder and weekend shoulder. SmartPower rates are lower than the current standard residential A1 price between 9pm and 7am weekdays and all weekend. An establishment cost applies for existing homes and new homes.

Switch the future

Switch the Future is brought to you by the Future Energy Alliance – formed by Synergy, Western Power and Horizon Power. It is an energy efficiency campaign designed to help us all think about, and learn about, ways to reduce our energy consumption. By creating your own Switch the Future Plan, you’ll be able to join the growing number of people who are saving energy in their homes and reducing their power bills. Your personal Switch the Future Plan will give you practical steps you can take that could help lower the amount of electricity you use every day.

Change appliances

Replacing or upgrading a worn-out appliance can save your power consumption costs in the future. Old appliances generally are far less energy efficient compared to new appliances.

Consider the right type of appliance

When changing an appliance, make sure you choose the most energy-efficient type. Take for example a 106cm Plasma TV will use on average 322.0 kWh/annum of power with a 6 out of 10-star energy rating. An LCD (LED) TV the same size will use on average 210.0kWH/annum or power with a 7 to 8 out of 10-star energy rating.


One of the best ways to reduce your power bills is to use solar power. But upfront affordability is an issue for most people and it is a minefield trying to work out which company to choose from, the longevity of the panels, the efficiency of the panels, the payback period and the State Government incentives etc. Our clients that have taken advantage of solar tell us the best benefit is receiving a credit in the mail from the power company and not a bill.

Were you pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised by your recent power bill and what are you doing about it?

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