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Is your Will still relevant?

By admin • July 22nd, 2020

Many of our best laid plans rarely follow through exactly as we might have hoped. However, it’s another  story when it comes to planning for what happens after we’ve left this planet. Our ideas about who will benefit from our estate could potentially change often during our lifetime. Estate planning ensures that when we die, […]

A different way to help the grandkids

By admin • July 1st, 2020

Many grandparents want to give their grandchildren a head start in life, and a common way to do so is to  help by paying some (or all) of their school fees. This can, of course, simply be done by making a contribution at the time the fees are payable. However, it’s not unusual for grandparents […]

Responsibilities of an executor

By admin • March 11th, 2019

If you’re the eldest sibling in the family, or deemed to be the “most responsible”; if you’re seen to be a good friend by someone; or a fine upstanding citizen by others, chances are you will be asked to be an executor of someone’s Will. After you’ve enjoyed the warm feeling of being wanted, just […]

Is a DIY Will kit enough?

By admin • December 4th, 2018

More than 45% of Australians don’t have a valid Will. If you die without one, your hardearned wealth (your estate) will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy – a government-determined formula. That may not divide your estate as you would like, and if your family consists only of distant relatives your assets could […]

Aged care – how will it affect your family?

By admin • May 30th, 2017

As older Australians make up a larger portion of our population, affordable and reliable care options for our seniors become paramount to more families. Naturally, when investigating options for an elderly person, finding the right level of care is crucial, as is anticipating future care requirements and planning ahead. Given a choice, most people would […]

An alternative way to pay

By admin • January 31st, 2017

There are many alternatives to taking out a funeral insurance policy to pay for your last big expense in this world. One such alternative is a funeral bond. These bonds are available from friendly societies, life insurance companies and some funeral directors. A funeral bond is like a managed fund except it can only be […]

Investment bonds can offer a low cost, flexible, estate planning solution

By admin • November 29th, 2016

Since 2005, when the baby boomers started to age and retire en-masse, Australia has entered the beginning of a new era of intergenerational wealth transfer. It has been reported that in the lead up to 2025 approximately $600 billion will be passed down as ageing baby boomers grow old and eventually leave their assets to […]

How to avoid big estate planning blunders

By admin • November 16th, 2016

Here is a quick guide to avoiding five of the biggest estate planning potential blunders. 1. Where there’s a will (may not be enough) Using a do-it-yourself ‘will kit’ may seem like a simple and cost-effective way to implement estate planning. Often people think they have a clear idea of what they want to achieve […]

Living Wills and their role in Estate Planning

By admin • September 23rd, 2016

Living wills are an integral part of estate planning. There can be few situations as distressing as the need to make hard decisions about the end of life of a loved one. When life–of any reasonable quality–can no longer be preserved, at what point should measures to prolong that life cease? These questions become particularly […]