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What is an annuity?

By admin • September 15th, 2016

The term ‘Annuity’ is often mentioned in the financial press or TV advertising, but what actually are annuities and how do they work in practice? The word annuity itself originates from the meaning ‘annual’ and can by definition, be described as ‘a yearly allowance’. To explain them in plain English is as a ‘really long […]

Should I Refinance?

By admin • August 10th, 2016

Where to start? An accredited mortgage broker can help weigh up your options. Refinancing a mortgage can be daunting. Fees, fixed versus variable interest rates and monthly charges all need to be considered. The right refinanced loan could help you pay off your mortgage faster and for less, clear unhealthy debt or help you upgrade […]

Inflation-proofing your retirement

By admin • February 5th, 2016

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, it’s impossible to determine exactly how much one person will need to meet their individual retirement needs. We often hear that we’re living much longer so the amount we retire on must last a longer distance. However, what about the value of your retirement funds? How will inflation […]

Time to reflect

By admin • January 29th, 2016

Many people use the Christmas/New Year period to reflect on the year that has just passed, often in a blur, and begin thinking about the future and how to achieve their hopes and dreams. Similarly, the new financial year is a good opportunity to reconsider financial strategies and goals. Below is a simple guide to […]

Ten tips for managing debt

By admin • September 11th, 2013

To help you manage your debt position, here are ten quick and easy tips. Consolidate:  Pool all your debts into one. The benefit here is that you may reduce your overall interest cost. This would certainly be the case if you use a line of credit facility and combine high interest credit cards. If the […]

Every family has a story…….welcome to ours

By admin • May 3rd, 2013
Every family has a story…….welcome to ours

            Over the last 6 months or so, Paradigm has had many new additions welcomed into the world by our clients. Congratulations to the Richardson’s, Verheyen and Auletta, Exeter’s, Willett’s and the many new grand children of clients. What changes when a family has started or been extended?  Incomes Parental, […]

The best ways to maximise your rewards points

By admin • September 14th, 2012
The best ways to maximise your rewards points

Credit card reward points, most of us have access to them but how do we get the best use out of them…..the answer is NOT to spend more on your credit card to earn more points! choose a card that has a low annual fee cards that provide at least 1 point for $1 spent […]

The five biggest money mistakes

By admin • August 17th, 2012
The five biggest money mistakes

A great article sourced from the Sydney Morning Herald: By: Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Make no mistake, taking the wrong approach can lose you plenty of money. One wrong decision can put your financial future at severe disadvantage. I see it all the time – people making not just financial faux pas but money mistakes of […]

To fix or not to fix?

By admin • August 7th, 2012
To fix or not to fix?

With two interest rate drops already by the Reserve Bank in 2012 and possibly more to come, the banks have reduced their longer term interest rates to a level sometimes below the standard variable rate. Depending on the amount borrowed, the bank and the type of package you are on, a 3 year fixed rate […]

Rent a home or buy a home?

By admin • July 30th, 2012

A common scenario faced by many a young couple or even singles for that matter is whether to rent a home of your own or go into debt and buy a home of your own. Of course everyone’s situation is different, so there is no one answer fits all solution. Having just succumbed to being […]

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